Digital printing

DTG Digital printing is a novelty on the market. In this method it is not necessary to prepare printing plates, matrices, or screens (as in the case of screen printing), which automatically reduces costs, particularly at low cost. Artwork is printed directly from the device directly into fabric. After pressure in the press, printing becomes very strong.

An additional advantage of DTG is that you can print in full color already on the circulation of one piece at a very attractive price. Imprints are characterized by vivid and saturated colors and the best results are achieved by printing logos of tonal gradations impossible to do any other technique.

DTG printing is used for cotton T-shirts

DTG technology advantages:

  • Low investment – Possibility to order multiple color printing complex graphics (unlimited colors) from a single piece.
  • Personalization – The possibility of any changes to the project, eg. A common logo and variable name (another text) for each subsequent printing at no extra cost. Each t-shirt can be different – other logos other inscription.
  • High quality printing – Honestly the quality is really good, but on the second place after screen printing.
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