Embroidery is one of the oldest ways of decorating items. Succeeded by hand embroidery – embroidery  is now commonly known as a form of decoration fabrics and garments embroidered with a design. Embroidery machines, have one or more heads depending on the model. This allows you to perform a variety of embroidery while reducing customer waiting time.

Embroidery can be classified as the exclusive method of decorating textiles.

The main advantage of this technique is very attractive design and high durability plotted patterns.

Advantages of computer embroidery:

  • Durability – Thanks to its resistance to mechanical damage, embroidery is a permanent way of labeling – among other things, it can be washed and ironed.
  • Accuracy – Computer control of the needle makes all the stitching is done very precisely. This technique has a high repeatability designs
  • Aesthetics – Our machines allow for multi-colored embroidery, intricate designs.
  • Quality – To perform embroidery using only the highest quality.
  • Wide range of applications – Using the embroidery can be labeled with many types of clothing, including Caps, T-shirts, Polo, Towels, Shorts, bags and much more.
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