Sublimation printing is used for printing on polyester materials, which are further manufactured into jerseys, shirts, pillows, body for kids or rushguards for MMA fighters. Sublimation printing allows full-color digital printing with very high sharpness, detail and distinctive vibrant colors.

Graphics are printed on coated heat-resistant transfer paper. The design is then transfered onto polyester fabric with a heat press operating at high temperatures around 180 to 210 C (375 F). The ink turns into a gas and enters the polyester fiber structure.

Advantages of sublimation print

  • The fabric is dyed permanently.
  • Colors are highly durable and extremely resistant to washing.
  • The polyester material has a long lifetime.
  • Unlimited color palette.
  • High detail.
  • Strong and vibrant colors.

Minimum production of 30 pcs

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